• Serial Number: 194-1S
    Products Name: Single Sided EVA Foam Tape
    Introduce: Ethylene Vinyl Accetate backing is coated with acrylic or synthetic rubber adheisve. High tack strength,UV resistance. Sticky to most irregular surfaces. Multi ...
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  • Serial Number: 211
    Products Name: Crepe Paper Masking Tape for Home and Vehicle Applications
    Introduce: Crepe paper tape is coated with rubber or emusion adhesive on one side. Temperature standing from 60℃ Celsus to 180℃ Celsus. Mostly applied in home decoration...
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  • Serial Number: 221
    Products Name: Self-adhesive Kraft Paper Tape
    Introduce: Kraft paper carrier is coated with high tack adhesive. Waterproof, cold standing and Hand tearable. Kraft and white available. Ideal for packaging industry.
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  • Serial Number: 231
    Products Name: Polyester Masking Tape
    Introduce: Silicone adhesive is coated on polyester film. Used as flashbreaker in composite bonding, masking in powder coating, and as splicing tape for silicone coated...
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